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Self-portrait of the founder

Behold the creator and founder of CD BORDA GREY, producer of both games from the studio and the only permanent employee, Vojtěch Borovský (for the sake of visitors not able to speak Czech, FNO referred to as Adalberto) Although born in in the sign of Pisces, he is not your ordinary fish, as he shall rain hellfire upon you should you accuse him of copying the company name. Adalberto is adept at creating and telling interesting stories and you can be sure he has one in mind while you’re reading this sentence. His modus operandi is:

Apart from what’s written here, Adalberto does not wish to reveal any personal information, but he at least provided his self-portrait


The first game of CD BORDA GREY, 91 seconds is a fast-paced game focusing on the players attention to detail. You get showed a picture which has a part of it displaced and your goal is to find said part which advances you to the next level. The whole project is made in PowerPoint, utilising Visual Basic. I would never recommend anyone to use Visual Basic as a programming language, because it doesn’t work at most times. After a lot of hardships endured, the game was born and given to a small group of testers. Those included the CEO of Mikisoft, a reporter of nature in Mladá Boleslav and an artist. The last one was able to unlock a secret level which resulted in a prompt end of the game so don’t be encouraged to find it if you can’t beat it. The game is full of trolling so beware if you think you’ve won. Below is a quick look and the games visual side.

Visual of 91 seconds


The second game named Dungeons and Dragons: Suffering of the Nine Hells is, in fact a gamebook. The story is fairly simple: One of the four available characters finds a portal that transports them into one of the layers of Hell. Their goal is to escape and close the portal behind them. They are presented with many opportunities from the forces of Heavens or the forces of Hells. Regardless of who you aspire to get help from, be wary as the environment and denizens of this layer are very much deadly to you. The gamebook also uses Visual Basic as its source code, which means many of the developers’ nerves were lost in the process. The game includes a secret ending, featuring Erück Veliký as the narrator. For a detailed way to get into the secret level, search this website closely and find what your eye cannot yet see.

Visual of DND: SotNH


Adalberto doesn’t limit his great creativity to games in PowerPoint, he also creates other websites, builds creative projects in Minecraft and it can be expected that his work will not end here but continue for years.

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